Owner augesrob
Status offline
Players 0/0
Version 1.12.2
Rank 1
Votes 116
Uptime -100%
Last Check 2 month(s) ago
Country United States
Types Skyblock

BRAND NEW 1.14.4 SERVER (No ViaVersion crap)

Solid OP Skyblock server.

Unique skyblock:

✅ True 1.14.4
✅ No limited hoppers
✅ Free Supply Crates every 2 Hours!!
✅ Minions to mine, farmer and kill for you.
✅ Beautiful casino to gamble in.
✅ Multiple games for brief skyblock diversions.
✅ Variety of upgradeable/custom items.
✅ Rank rewards and kits
✅ Many skyblock quests/challenges
✅ Aesthetically pleasing server

Ranks are determined by the number of times a user votes.

**Server Rules:**

1) Do not harass other players.

2) No spam. No excessive profanity (including skins, names and builds).

3) No hacked clients (X-Ray and other exploits/textures/cheats/hacks).

4) Do not grief or steal other users property.

5) Do not claim/build to close to others or within 100 blocks of server/biome spawn points.

6) Do not ask for items, teleports, ops or other promotions.

Thank you for your consideration.